Teaching method

Something more about me

Yolanda Sánchez Manager

Concert pianist and piano teacher. 

My 25-years' experience as a teacher has covered all educational levels and fields. We explored diverse teaching systems and methods, in close interaction with musicians from many countries in Europe and EEUU. As a result, we achieved a deeper comprehension
of music didactics, seeking to adapt to multiform intelligence patterns, and targeting
optimal learning incitement strategies.

Teaching method

Up-to-date and centered on the comprehension of music as a language: is stressed the importance of hearing and privileges musicality while performing. It fosters creativity, conceived as a tool to motivate students.

  • Individual lessons or small groups
  • Stage activity: concerts
    & recitals

  • Masterclasses
  • Summer courses  
  • Intercultural programmes

  • Music in families based on E. Gordon´s MLT.