The Project


Based on the documental-movie "La Calle de los
Pianistas" (Mariano Nante, 2015), La Casa de los Pianistas arises as a space that is almost exclusively dedicated to lovers of this incredibly versatile and magical instrument.

Located at the Historical Center, in an emblematic and very busy area of Seville, our ambition
is to provide a cultural institution of reference to the city. A wide range of educational programmes, concerts, recitals and events, designed to suit the
needs of people from Seville and visitors from the world.

We offer a full-scale and high-quality service for all-ages pianists, adapted to their interests and finely tuned to foster their artistic potential and enjoyment.

Any moment is perfect to play an instrument and to share your experience with others.

Music is a universal language bringing people together; a powerful social media and inspiring agent, awakening us to different moods and multiple sensations.

We are interested in all styles: classic, jazz, flamenco, contemporary, and all formats: soloists, chamber, ensemble, groups, piano & voice... Which is your favorite? We have cross-cultural programmes too.

Come meet us and become a part of our community, we are waiting for you.